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  • China Oppression of Uighurs Generates Jihadist Blowback & Islamist Radicalization

    December 07, 2022

    The Chinese Communist regime’s massive oppression and state violence against the country’s Uighur Muslim population is producing serious blowback in terms of emboldened Islamist ideology and and jihadist violence across Central Asia, led by the strategic shift by the Uighurs’ Turkistan Islamic party (TIP), with a rebranding of the TIP as a national liberation movement for East Turkistan that rejects Chinese sovereignty and an operational move inter-Islamist collaboration with al-Qaeda and IS. 

  • Pakistani Taliban’s Suicide Attack Signals Renewed Jihadist War

    December 07, 2022

    The Pakistani Taliban (TTP) carried out a multi-casualty suicide bombing attack against police and medical workers in Pakistan’s northwest city of Quetta, marking the launch of the TTP’s declaration of renewed jihadist violence against the government in Islamabad and pointing to the broader islamist extremist destabilization of the geopolitically crucial region of South Asia consequent to the return to power of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. 

  • Expanding Islamist Violence & Sovereignty Disputes Between Af-Pak Are Destabilizer for South Asia

    December 02, 2022

    Increasing border clashes at the Af-Pak (Afghanistan-Pakistan) border over disputed lines of sovereignty are being fueled by the expanding violence of Taliban Islamists in both countries.

  • OIC Meeting Points to Economic-Religious Linkages in Africa Activity

    December 02, 2022

    A meeting between the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Sudan’s Minister of Finance underscored the linkages between the religion and economic development for global Islamic entity, as the meeting read-out focused on the signing and completion of OIC investment in infrastructure projects for transportation and agricultural integration in Africa.

  • Global Islamic Bloc Meets in Istanbul for OIC Economic & Commercial Summit

    November 30, 2022

    Information Ministers from the 57-member-state Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are meeting in Istanbul, Turkey for a summit of the OIC’s Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC), with the agenda focused in intra-OIC trade and investment, economic empowerment of the OIC, which claims to represent the global Islamic community.  

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