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  • Britain Ready to Reject EU Demands on Human Rights Laws

    March 04, 2020

    According to a report in the Sunday Telegraph, Britain is preparing to reject EU demands to guarantee that the country will continue to be bound by European human rights laws once the UK becomes fully independent.

  • Slovakia Parliament Rejects Women's Rights Treaty

    March 03, 2020

    Slovakia lawmakers have voted to reject the so-called Istanbul Convention, an international treaty adopted by the Council of Europe in 2011 in a bid to fight violence against women throughout Europe.

  • Turkey Threatens to Send Syrian Refugees to Europe

    March 02, 2020

    Frustrated by the failure of leading European nations to intervene in recent military attacks across the Turkish border in Syria, the Turkish government is threatening to send its increasing number of Syrian refugees on the path toward Europe.

  • Josep Borrell Slammed for ‘Greta syndrome’ Remark

    February 11, 2020

    Josep Borrell, the European Union's foreign affairs chief, came under criticism for calling into question the commitment of young climate activists, including a reference to teenage climate campaigner Greta Thunberg as giving rise to the ‘Greta syndrome.’

  • ECJ AG: Bulk Data Collection Violates European Privacy Law

    January 21, 2020

    According to a non-binding opinion of European Court of Justice Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona, bulk data collection violates European privacy law.

  • Turkish Constitutional Court Reverses Ban on Wikipedia

    December 31, 2019

    In a 10-6 decision, the Constitutional Court of Turkey ruled that the Turkish government's block on Wikipedia constituted a violation of freedom of expression, paving the way for the immediate lifting of a two-year-old ban.

  • Politico: EU's Ability to Implement Privacy Law is in Doubt

    December 31, 2019

    Writing in Politico, Nicholas Vinocur details how, more than 18 months after the European Union began implementing its model General Data Protection Regulation, lack of enforcement actions and weak cooperation on investigations raises doubts about the EU's ability to reign in Big Tech.

  • European Commission Communicates a European Green Deal

    December 16, 2019

    The European Commission has set out a European Green Deal for the European Union (EU) and its citizens, which the Commission describes as “a new growth strategy that aims to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy where there are no net emissions of greenhouse gases in 2050 and where economic growth is decoupled from resource use.”

  • EU FRA Publishes Guide for Preventing Unlawful Profiling

    December 16, 2019

    As technological developments have triggered an increased use of profiling in a wide range of contexts by law enforcement and border management officials, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights has published a guide that explains what profiling is, the legal frameworks that regulate it, and why conducting profiling lawfully is necessary to comply with fundamental rights.

  • Venice Commission and ODIHR Lower "Imminent Violence" Standard for Restrictions on Freedom of Assembly to "Real Risk of Violence" Standard

    December 10, 2019

    Lowering the standard contained in Paragraph 139 of its 2019 Guidelines on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly recommending that proscribing freedom of assembly on public order grounds must involve "an interest in preventing imminent violent conduct or other conduct creating serious infringements of public order" (a standard comparable to U.S. First Amendment jurisprudence), in Paragraph 78 of a recent joint Opinion, the European Commission for Democracy through Law (the "Venice Commission") and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights ("OSCE/ODIHR") opine that "restrictions on content of public assemblies should only occur if there is a real risk of violence or an incitement to violence or other serious threat to public order which cannot be otherwise mitigated and prevented."

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