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  • Democracy Without Borders Calls for Global Citizen Initiatives

    November 22, 2019

    Democracy Without Borders is using the occasion of the United Nations' 75th anniversary to call for the creation of a World Citizens’ Initiative that will enable global citizens to submit proposals to the General Assembly or the Security Council if they manage to collect sufficient support from fellow citizens across the world within a specified time.

  • Gomez: A Human Rights Technocracy Is Failing to Adequately Respond to Populism

    November 20, 2019

    Krizna Gomez of The Fund for Global Human Rights has opined that efforts by progressive human rights advocates to oppose populism fail because they rely on technocratic methods that are detached from communities, speak in language only experts can understand, and promote policies that are often decided in spaces in which most impacted people cannot enter.

  • NISSEM Promotes SEL in Low and Middle Income Countries

    November 12, 2019

    NISSEM, a group of international academics and practitioners who have joined forces to promote the integration of Sustainable Development Goal Target 4.7 themes and related social and emotional skills into textbooks and other education materials, particularly in low- and middle-income countries ("LMICs"), are producing global briefs promoting a relatively narrow, selective strategy focused on educational materials.

  • U.S. Education Expert Urges Caution Over Social and Emotional Learning

    November 06, 2019

    In an EducationNext article, long-time education reformer Chester Finn, Jr. explains in detail why it is "time to put an ice pack on the fever for social and emotional learning."

  • German Court Rejects Greenpeace-Funded Climate Change Lawsuit

    November 01, 2019

    A Berlin Administrative court has thrown out a lawsuit filed by three farming families who, supported by Greenpeace, filed a lawsuit against Germany claiming that it is not doing enough to tackle climate change, with harm to their farms resulting from man-made global warming.

  • Businesses, Investors, and Experts Consider Use of Technologies in Monitoring Human Rights

    November 01, 2019

    On October 14, HUMAN organized a masterclass about supply chain trace-ability and the use of new technologies to monitor human rights issues on the ground, during which it secured views and experiences of companies, investors, and experts on how new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, block chain and satellite tech, offer insights in the human rights issues at play in global supply chains.

  • Murphy and Organ: UN Needs a World Citizen's Initiative Procedure

    October 30, 2019

    In a new paper, co-authors, Ben Murphy and James Organ, maintain that the United Nations needs to establish a World Citizen’s Initiative (WCI), a form of direct democracy that would enable citizens to place an issue on the UN agenda and trigger an institutional response.

  • Dalai Lama Calls for Teaching of "Secularized" Indian Religious Traditions in Schools

    October 23, 2019

    In a recent speech, Tibetan Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama explained that the current education system should teach ancient Indian religious traditions in a secular way, as they "can equip us with the logic and reason to tackle our destructive emotions and fully realise the potentials of our intelligence and emotional wellbeing."

  • Brookings Analyzes Public Spending Needs to Achieve SDGs

    October 23, 2019

    In a new paper, Brookings concentrates on what governments must do through public spending to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals ("SDGs").

  • Lissovolik: Scientific and Technological Community Should Govern Global Economy

    October 23, 2019

    Writing on the Valdai Discussion Club website, Veroslav Lissovolik explains how "one of the possible ways of stabilizing and depoliticizing the edifice of the global economy is to create a layer of global governance that focuses on technological development and that is governed to a greater degree by the leading representatives of the scientific and technological community rather than politicians."

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