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  • NGOs Sponsor Declaration Seeking to Bolster World Order

    February 20, 2019

    At the recent Munich Security Conference, a group of former government officials, supported by nongovernmental organizations, published a “Declaration of Principles for Freedom, Prosperity, and Peace” seeking to reinforce the human rights agenda, environmental action, and the global governance system.

  • Academics, NGOs Develop Principles on Right to Education

    February 06, 2019

    A group of academics and representatives of nongovernmental organizations will meet next week in Côte d’Ivoire to adopt a set of Guiding Principles for governments and educators on how to facilitate “the right to access free quality public education.”

  • ICRC Warns UNSC About Role of Climate Change in Conflict

    February 04, 2019

    In a recent statement to the UN Security Council (UNSC), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Permanent Observer to the UN Robert Mardini warned climate change is “exacerbating vulnerabilities and inequalities,” thus playing a growing role in contributing to armed conflict.

  • Council Seeks Reform of Global Refugee Architecture

    February 04, 2019

    The NGO- and government-supported World Refugee Council in Canada has called for an “overhaul” of global rules and institutions focused on refugees, including by assessing mandatory funding contributions on members of the UN refugee agency and creating a Global Action Network for the Forcibly Displaced.

  • NGO Criticizes Trump for “Assault” on Human Rights

    January 25, 2019

    As part of its World Report 2019, the nongovernmental organization Human Rights Watch claimed the Trump Administration has “assaulted human rights in the US and abroad” by implementing new immigration, health, and other policies and by “distancing” the US from multilateral human rights institutions and international judicial bodies.

  • ICRC Launches Course on SDGs for Humanitarian Groups

    January 25, 2019

    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has launched an online course on “Sustainable Development in Humanitarian Action,” aiming to advance the environmental and social objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among humanitarian organizations.

  • NGO Launches “Data Explorer” Linking SDGs to Human Rights

    January 17, 2019

    The Danish Institute for Human Rights has launched an algorithm and database called the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)-Human Rights Data Explorer linking the comprehensive SDG agenda to the recommendations of UN human rights treaty bodies as part of an attempt by the UN and activists to attach the SDGs to international rights obligations.

  • NGO: UK Welfare Cuts Undermine Right to “Live Independently”

    January 16, 2019

    Bethany Brown of Human Rights Watch argues that social care cuts, lack of government oversight, and age discrimination in the UK are undermining the rights of elderly people “to health and to live independently in the community.”

  • Experts Seek Return to Original Meaning of UDHR

    December 18, 2018

    Elyssa Koren and Paul Coleman of religious freedom nonprofit ADF International call for a return to the “original understanding” of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and its protection of a set of “core rights” while respecting the sovereign authority of countries to “fight out issues of moral concern” in their internal systems.

  • NGO: UN Climate Talks Involve “Life and Death Decisions”

    December 12, 2018

    The nongovernmental organization Oxfam recently published a preview of the ongoing UN climate talks in Poland referring to the “life and death decisions” to be made at the summit to prevent a “truly terrifying” “global humanitarian catastrophe” that will impoverish and kill people across the globe.

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