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  • Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Regime cited for Ongoing Religious Freedom Violations in New USCIRF Report

    January 03, 2023

    According to a new report released by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF),  the reconfiguration in the balance of power favoring Saudi Arabia’s ruling monarchy at the expense of the fundamentalist Sunni Islamic religious establishment has led to a revised form of Islamist authoritarianism that continues to feature egregious religious freedom violations against non-confirming Muslims.

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    Benin’s Uptick in Jihadi Violence Points to Spreading Islamist Extremist Threat in West Africa

    January 03, 2023

    The sharp uptick in intimidation and violence in the Africa country of Benin by jihadist groups affiliated with IS and Al-Qaeda points to the spreading threat of Islamist extremism across West Africa’s Sahel region, from inland countries to the coastal countries that affect both Africa’s economies and international trade and commerce, and state security responses focused on detentions and military activities are causing human rights violations that, according to some experts on conflict prevention, may worsen social grievances that are contritions to jihadist recruitment. 

  • New Report on British Counter-Extremism Program Criticizes Funding to Pro-Islamist Groups

    January 03, 2023

    Leaked details of a forthcoming report on the British government’s flagship counter-extremism program, Prevent, indicate critique of failures in due diligence over funding for groups meant to prevent youth radicalization recruitment, given that support has been given to pro-Islamist organizations in civil society, with additional criticism level led at the Prevent program for minimizing Islamist extremism versus the focus rightwing extremism.  

  • OIC Conference on Islamic Courts of the World Convenes in NATO-Member Turkey

    December 28, 2022

    The Islamist regime of NATO member-state Turkey hosted the first annual judicial conference of the 57-member-state OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), with focus on combatting Islamophobia-as- racism as a central plank of the countries’ constitutional and/or supreme courts.

  • Resurgent IS Remains Security Threat for 2023

    December 28, 2022

    International security experts warn that the Islamic State’s (IS) loss of core caliphate territory in Iraq and Syria has not eliminated the global threat posed by the Islamist extremist group on 2023, given the operational strength and geographic scope of IS branches and affiliates worldwide and especially in light of the clear and present danger that Turkey’s invasion of northern and eastern Syria will enable a tens of thousands of IS militants and sympathizers to go free from prisons currently guarded by pro-West Kurdish forces. 

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