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  • Indonesia's Islamic Clerics Gaining More Power with Expansion to Financial Sector & Consumer FinTech

    September 15, 2020

    Indonesia's political and social Islamization is now spreading to the financial sector (fintech) under the expanding purview of the Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI), which supports the "shariatization" of the country's economy.

  • Turkey & Iran Sunni-Shiite Islamist Regimes Unite in Anti-US Front

    September 09, 2020

    The two Islamist regimes of Turkey and Iran appear to be putting aside their respective Sunni and Shiite sectarian differences in forming a united front defined by a shared anti-American position, announcing "strong foundations for high level cooperation" that includes joint support for Islamist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. 

  • Boko Haram Continues West African Islamist Ops in Lethal Attack on IDP Village in Cameroon

    September 09, 2020


    The Nigeria-based jihadist group Boko Haram staged a suicide bombing attack in neighboring Cameroon against a village of internally displaced persons (IDPs), in another operation destabilizing the broader region of West Africa, where United Nations estimates put the number of people fleeing jihadist violence at more than three million.

  • FBI Sting Leads to Arrest of US Activists Using Boogaloo Bois to Link With Hamas

    September 09, 2020

    The US Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Counterterrorism Division used a sting operation to apprehend to US citizens charged with using the Minnesota activities of the Boogaloo Bois, a group whose ideological goal is the overthrow of the US government, as a platform for networking with and supporting the Islamist extremist activities of Hamas.

  • IS Militants Continue Destabilization of Tunisia with Attack in Tourist Area

    September 09, 2020

    Islamic State (IS) sympathizers claimed responsibility for a vehicular-and-knife attack in Tunisia on a National Guard patrol in one of the country’s tourist locales, continuing the Islamist extremist group’s destabilizing terrorist episodes that have targeted the fragile democracy begun with the Arab Spring events launched in 2011 the North African country. 

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