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  • Violence in South Africa Hints at Creeping Islamist Extremism

    December 10, 2018

    Security experts and police officials in South Africa are warning about the growth of Islamist extremism by Sunni-affiliated al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) groups linked to a spate of attacks against mainly Shiite mosques and to Islamist propaganda materials aiming at social mobilization by playing on the country's high levels of economic inequality.

  • Islamic Bank Plans Bonds for Social Responsibility, Block Chain

    December 10, 2018

    The Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the multilateral financing arm of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has announced work with the International Sharia Research Academy for Islamic Finance, to design sharia-compliant bonds marketed as socially conscious finance, aiming at retail investors and utilizing block-chain technology.

  • France Will Repatriate Children of French IS Jihadists in Syria, Iraq

    December 10, 2018

    The French Foreign Ministry announced that children of French nationals who fought with the Islamic State (IS) in the Syria-Iraq theater will be repatriated to France, citing the best interests of the children as the priority in a case-by-case approach to the repatriation policy that currently excludes foreign fighters and wives of combatants.

  • Algeria Implements Niqab Ban for Public Sector Workers

    December 10, 2018

    Algerian authorities have implemented a ban on wearing the niqab by public-sector workers, citing concerns regarding identification as the reason behind the policy.

  • Taliban Uses Violence to Undermine Afghan Elections

    December 10, 2018

    Afghanistan’s government moved forward in holding national elections, despite violent attacks in the pre-election period and intimidation and episodic violence during the elections by the Taliban and other Islamist groups committed to implementation of sharia law across the Southwest Asian country.

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