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  • Taliban Continue Crackdown on Women with Ban on Female NGO Workers

    December 26, 2022

    Afghanistan's Taliban sharia regime continued its targeted crackdown on women, with an announcement by the Minister of Economy ordering the suspension of work by all foreign and local female NGO (non-governmental organization) aid workers justified on the grounds of Islamic dress code requirements.

  • Taliban Leaders Defend Ban on Women From University

    December 26, 2022

    Afghanistan's Minister of Education doubled down on the hardline Islamist regime's decision to ban women from university study because of alleged violations of sharia dress code, reacting to external criticism of the decision as foreign interference in the country's domestic affairs and supporting harsh security crackdowns on male and female student demonstrations that have followed the decision.

  • Qatar's Corruption Campaign for World Cup Exposes Broader Influence-Building by Gulf Islamist Regime

    December 26, 2022

    The expanding scandal regarding Qatar's influence-building effort to secure the just-completed World Cup event in Doha has laid bare the broader malign activities of the Gulf Islamist regime, which, for decades, has systematically used its wealth not only to provide material and financial support to jihadi groups worldwide, but also to accrue soft power in Western countries by shaping media narratives through Qatar's Al-Jazeera global network and by influencing ideas and leadership through investment in university programs and by capturing hard power through investment in key infrastructure sectors such as energy.   

  • Lethal Attack on Iraqi Police Reflects Durable IS

    December 26, 2022

    IS militants posted news on their Telegram social media channel of their lethal attack on Iraqi police officers in Kirkuk, an oil-rich, major city north of Baghdad, with the explosive attack and gunfire against Iraqi security forces signaling the durability and resilience of the Islamist extremist group's threat in their former caliphate territories.

  • Turkey's Invasion of Syria Benefits Islamist Extremists

    December 26, 2022

    Turkey argues that its invasion of northern Syria aims to eradicate Kurdish enemies of Ankara, but according to Arabnews, the most significant winners are Islamist extremists affiliated with a reconstituting IS, since Turkey's attacks on the US-affiliated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will weaken their bulwark against IS radicals.

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