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  • Countries Follow US out of UN Migration Compact

    November 07, 2018

    EUobserver reports that Prime Minister Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic is proposing his government follow Austria, Hungary, and the US in announcing withdrawal from the UN’s Global Compact for Migration, asserting that the international rules contained in the accord does not sufficiently distinguish between legal and illegal migration.

  • Schaefer: US Should Use Foreign Aid as Leverage at UN

    October 31, 2018

    In a recent article, Brett Schaefer of the Heritage Foundation calls for the US government to take more seriously the need to use foreign aid as leverage in pushing countries to back American priorities at the UN General Assembly.

  • UN Office Opposes US Policies on Jerusalem, Iran

    October 24, 2018

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a statement by the Australian Prime Minister in favor of relocating the country’s embassy to Jerusalem and reviewing its adherence to the Iran nuclear deal has prompted a response from the office of the UN Secretary-General expressing opposition to US policies on each issue.

  • UN Body Demands Australian Review of Migration Law

    October 17, 2018

    The Guardian reports that the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has called on Australia to review provisions of its Migration Act allowing the government to place asylum seekers under administrative detention and revise the law to comply with the country’s international human rights obligations.

  • US Explores Reduced Exposure to ICJ Rulings

    October 10, 2018

    CNN reports that, following a decision by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that the US had violated a 1955 Treaty of Amity with Iran by re-imposing sanctions on the country over its nuclear efforts, US officials announced they are withdrawing from the Treaty and will consider action to protect the US against the binding jurisdiction of the ICJ.

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