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  • Pakistani Taliban Ratchet up Sectarian Violence

    March 31, 2017

    A Shiite mosque in Pakistan suffered high casualties in another terror attack by the Pakistani branch of the Afghan Taliban (TTP), as the banned Islamist extremist group continues to ratchet up Sunni-Shiite sectarian tensions in an effort to establish Sunni militant sharia rule throughout the two Southwest Asian countries.

  • Study Signals Challenge of Islamism to World Order

    March 31, 2017

    A new report by the Brookings Institution suggests that Islamism, an intellectual system that privileges the religious community of the Muslim "umma" over loyalty to the nation-state, may present a far greater long-term challenge to international order than the threats posed by Islamic terror entities like the Islamic State or al-Qaeda.

  • IS Uses Water Claim to Delegitimize Opponents

    March 31, 2017

    Islamic State (IS) ideologues are spreading rumors and social media reports that anti-IS forces are aiming to capture the massive Tabqa dam on the Euphrates to use water as a weapon against Syrian citizens loyal to IS fighters battling to maintain control over Raqqa, the de facto caliphate capital located near the Tabqa facility.

  • Italian Police Arrest Kosovo Islamists Planning Venice Attack

    March 30, 2017

    Italian police have arrested three Kosovar jihadis connected to Islamist radical networks stretching from Southern Europe to the Mideast for plotting an attack on Venice's famed Rialto Bridge, a high-casualty soft target the group had selected as a copycat to the Islamic State "lone-wolf" attack last week in London.

  • Kazakhstan Prosecutes Utterance of "Amen" in Mosques

    March 30, 2017

    Kazakhstan state officials are prosecuting citizens for speaking the word "amen" in mosques, and the state's Muslim Board is seizing mosques charged with such speech violations, based on the finding that the word is an offense to the state-monopoly version of Sunni Islam sanctioned by the country's authoritarian regime.

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