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  • Islamism Plays Central Role in Turkey’s Forthcoming Elections

    March 24, 2023

    The Islamist Justice and Development Party that has ruled Turkey as a religious authoritarian regime for the last 20 years is trying to ensure its victory in the country’s approaching, highly contested national elections, by guaranteeing support from smaller, extremist Islamist parties that are anti-NATO and anti-rights for women.

  • Exfiltration Operations from IS Detention Camp in Syria Underscores Durability of Jihadist Threat

    March 22, 2023

    The durability of the IS threat evidenced in the jihadists’ resurgent activities in east and central Syria is also reflected in the group’s active operations to exfiltrate young boys held in the large al-Hol detention center that holds IS families under Kurdish monitoring in northeast Syria, with exfiltration efforts supported by international financial networks indicating pro-IS support from Russia to Central Asia to Western Europe. 

  • Indonesia’s Sharia Dress Codes Affect Girls’ Education & Broader Socioeconomic Realities

    March 21, 2023

    A recent case in the West Sumatran Province of Indonesia, in which a Christian father challenged the mandatory hijab rule affecting his high-school-age daughter, highlights the complex intersection of educational rights and socioeconomic realities consequent to Islamist dress codes for women and girls, since the parent’s successful challenge generated a social media backlash threatening the family and culminating in their loss of livelihood and home. 

  • Iran Reaped Rewards in 20 Years Since US Invasion of Iraq

    March 21, 2023

    Review of 20-year anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq shows the political, economic, security, and cultural gains that have accrued to the Islamist regime in Iran, given that the destabilization and destabilization of Iraq generated regional changes benefitting Iran’s strategic aim of exporting the Islamic revolution, outcomes analyzed in leaked classified Iranian intelligence and to a meticulous study by the US Army War College. 

  • Cryptocurrency Arrests in South Korea Underscore Globalization of Jihadist Activities

    March 21, 2023

    Recent arrests by South Korean security authorities of Uzbek and Kazakh nationals who used cryptocurrency to fund an al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Syria underscored the globalization of complex jihadist activities that connect funding, radicalization, and violence, with the recent arrests figuring into a range of previous episodes that highlight Islamist extremists’ assessment of South Korea as a hospitable locus for terrorist financing. 

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