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  • Saudi Drug Seizure Reveals Hezbollah’s Narcoterror Capacity

    May 03, 2021

    Evidence of Hezbollah’s narcoterrorism global network was highlighed by the recent seizures of produce shipments in major ports in Saudi Arabia from Lebanon containing Captagon amphetamine capsules, similar to those reported by European and a South American security authorities, revealing the group’s use of narcotics trade to finance international jihadism.

  • German Governing Bloc Aims to Counter Spread of Political Islamism

    April 28, 2021

    The conservative bloc in Germany's coalition government has proposed measures to limit the spread of Islamist extremist ideology and violence, including a termination of all state subsidies to German Islamic groups monitored by the country's intelligence authority, full transparency in foreign funding to mosque associations, and research into the misuse of religious freedom protections for domestic and foreign Islamist activism.

  • Pakistan’s Islamists use Holocaust to Push Blasphemy Against Islam

    Seth J. Frantzman

    April 27, 2021

    The Jerusalem Post reports that the recent anti-French protests across Pakistan by Islamist extremist group Tehreek-e-Labbaik, for what they condemn as blasphemy against Islam’s prophet Mohammed to justify last year’s murder of a French school teacher, is following a common trope whereby Islamist regimes and jihadist non-state groups use the Holocaust, equating their demand from Western countries to impose blasphemy laws against Islam with Holocaust denial laws, while simultaneously supporting Holocaust denial under Islamist regimes.

  • IS Attacks in West Africa Damage Soft Targets, Generate Refugees & IDPs

    April 27, 2021

    The jihadist branch of Islamic State active across multiple states in West Africa (ISWAP) launched a recent round of attacks against soft targets in Nigeria, including a clinic and police station, generating civilian casualties, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and cross-border refugee flows into Niger.

  • Government Negotiates with Islamist Militants in Pakistan

    April 27, 2021

    France24 reports that radical Islamist group Tehreek-e-Labbai Pakistan (TLP), a designated terrorist organization, flexed its muscle over the past week of anti-French protests, forcing the Islamabad government to negotiate in its demands for retribution for the Charlie Hebdo magazine cartoons of Islam's prophet Mohammed, having held eleven police officers hostage.

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