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  • Egypt Moves into Islamic Finance to Ease Country’s Economic Woes

    March 09, 2023

    Egypt, the most populous country in the Arab world, is moving actively into Islamic finance in an effort to ease the country‘s economic woes that include high external debt levels, racing inflation, and a serious currency crisis, so the country’s Financial Regulatory Authority has followed the inaugural sovereign sukuk (sharia-compliant bonds) issue with authorization to domestic companies to sell sharia-compliant bonds (sukuk). 

  • Islamist Terror Groups Use Turkey-Syria Earthquake as Jihadist Propaganda Tool

    March 08, 2023

    Sunni Islamist terror groups Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda (AQ) are using the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria to propagandize their message and to recruit and mobilize supporters, with both entities characterizing the earthquakes as a Divine warning for Muslims worldwide to follow sharia law; to practice anti-Western jihad, and to provide local humanitarian assistance to earthquake victims as a tool for recruitment. 

  • Schoolgirls in Iran Face Escalating Poison Attacks

    March 08, 2023

    Schoolgirls in an estimated 30 schools under Iran’s Islamist theocratic regime have faces poison attacks perpetrated over the last several months of nationwide anti-regime public protests catalyzed by the death of a young women held in police custody on allegations of violating sharia-based dress requirements.




  • Jihadist Jail Break in Mauritania Reminds of Islamist Militancy in Africa’s Sahel

    March 08, 2023

    Mauritanian security authorities are searching for jihadists who broke out of a prison in the capital city of Nouakchott, with jailbreak raising concerns about the fragility of Mauritania’s capacity to avoid the  broader problems of Islamist militancy that have rocked most neighboring countries in the African Sahel region, with the country’s leadership having relied on a combination of intrusive border control and domestic programming to alleviate poverty and to rehabilitate former Islamist radicals through religious reeducation and socioeconomic integration. 

  • Bahrain Trial Highlights Briader Islamist Splits Between Pluralists Versus Autocrats

    March 08, 2023

    A high-profile trial in Bahrain has drawn the attention of global human rights groups and international organizations that are following the broad debates dividing Islamist reformers in favor of pluralism versus Islamist autocrats opposed to interpretive debate, where three members of the Al-Tajeed Society, a cultural organization that supports discussion and contestation of Islamic jurisprudence, are being tried under the country’s penal code for the crime of “mocking recognized religious texts” because of their support for reforming sharia law. 

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