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  • OIC Takes Stand on Islamist Civil War in Yemen

    April 01, 2015

    The 57-member-state Organisation of Islamic Cooperation ("OIC"), the self-defined protector of the worldwide Muslim community, has indicated the dominance of Sunni interests within the organization, based on the OIC Secretary General's statement of support for the Sunni-Arab military coalition bombings of Shiite Houthi militia sites in Yemen.

  • UN Report Pushes for ICC Prosecution of Islamic State for Genocide and War Crimes

    April 01, 2015

    A recently released report of the UN Human Rights Council is urging an International Criminal Court ("ICC") inquiry into actions by the Islamic State ("IS") which constitute genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, perpetrated under the banner of jihad, against Yezidis and Christians in Iraq.

  • Islamic State Targets Syrian Children for Recruitment and Radicalization

    April 01, 2015

    The Islamic State ("IS") has undertaken a program targeting Syrian children displaced by IS violence and the civil war in Syria, using systematic recruitment and radicalization that relies on strict Islamist indoctrination and weapons training for eventual jihadi field operations.

  • Western Sanctions Against Russia Help OIC Expansion in Geostrategically Important Central Asia

    March 23, 2015

    Euro-American economic sanctions imposed on Russia for its involvement in Ukraine's civil war have begun to produce geopolitical blowback, as Moscow policymakers are considering a turn to Islamic financial sources to substitute for closed access to international capital markets, a move that will deepen the political-economic influence and sharia-promotion strategies of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation ("OIC") in Russia and Central Asia.

  • Controversy in Afghanistan Follows Woman's Stoning Death for Blasphemy Under Sharia Law

    March 23, 2015

    The death by stoning of a mentally disabled woman in Afghanistan's capital city by a vigilante mob that accused her of blasphemy against Islam has laid bare the continuing dominance of fundamentalist Islamist laws and values against international human rights norms, despite more than a decade of U.S.-led international programs for implementing rule-of-law governance in Afghanistan.

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