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  • Islamic State Uses International Financial Networks to Fund Global Islamist Terror

    April 01, 2015

    The recent inaugural meeting of the Counter-ISIL Finance Group meeting in Rome formalized an action plan, in coordination with the multinational Financial Action Task Force ("FATF"), designed to target, disrupt, and terminate the Islamic State's ("ISIL/IS") successful use of international financial networks to fund global Islamist terror.

  • Islamism the Unifying Thread in Syrian Opposition Militias

    April 01, 2015

    Western support for anti-Assad forces in the Syrian civil war has been constrained by the shared banner of Islamism uniting all major opposition militia, which could result in an opposition victory that produces a form of Syrian nationalism mixed with extremist Islamism.

  • Islamist Party in Tajikistan Sparking Debate about Threat of Transnational Extremism to Secular Democracy

    April 01, 2015

    Calls by the government of Tajikistan and some of the country's leading imams for a referendum on the closure of the Islamic Renaissance Party turn on concerns about the party's links to transnational networks of Islamist extremists and, thereby, poses a threat to the Tajik government's goals of developing secular, pluralist democracy in the country.

  • Yemen War Reveals State Islamist Power Struggles and Geopolitical Consequences

    April 01, 2015

    The full-scale, Sunni-Shiite civil war underway in Yemen is laying bare the serious geopolitical implications of the phenomenon of internationalized, militarized, state Islamism, represented by Saudi Arabia and Iran.

  • Islamic Reformation Is Key to Success for Countering Violent Extremist Islamism

    April 01, 2015

    "Muslim dissenters" argue that debates about the authenticity of Islam as a religion that promotes peace and tolerance versus violence and intolerance depend upon an internal Reformation entailing Muslims' self-reflexive critique and unqualified repudiation of both literalist theological claims and ahistorical leadership which are the wellspring of Islamist extremists and jihadis.

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