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  • Developed Nations Share U.S. Concern about WHO

    October 05, 2020

    According to Politico, once the emergency situation relating to the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, nations other than the United States, including Germany, France, and Chile, may seek major changes to the manner in which the World Health Organization ("WHO") operates.


  • The Dispatch: Opinion: It’s Beyond Time to Reform the U.N. Human Rights Council

    October 01, 2020

    Danielle Pletka, of the American Enterprise Institute and Brett D. Schaefer of the Heritage Foundation write in the Dispatch that the United Nations Human Rights Council is in dire need of reform due to the fact that some of the world's most repressive regimes hold positions on the Council.

  • The House GOP China Task Force Reveals Recommendations

    October 01, 2020

    The House Republicans China task force unveiled its full report this week laying out over 400 policy recommendations to address the numerous threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party including national security concerns, human rights violations, problems with the supply chain, Beijing’s missteps in its handling of the pandemic and China’s overall expanding influence on the world stage.

  • U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo Urges Focus on UDHR

    September 30, 2020

    Expressing concern about the proliferation of international human rights, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is urging UN members to focus on the core human rights contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

  • U.S. Rejects Lukashenko as President of Belarus

    September 30, 2020

    Echoing the declarations of both the European Union and Germany, the United States State Department has declared that, due to credible allegations of election fraud in Belarus, the U.S. will no longer recognize Alexander Lukashenko as president of the country.

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