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  • IMF Spurs Discussion of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies

    September 06, 2019

    To spur discussion of climate change mitigation strategies, the International Monetary Fund is suggesting fiscal tools, complemented by financial policy tools, such as financial regulation and financial governance, and policies to enhance financial infrastructure and markets, and by monetary policy.

  • SDG Forum Produces SDG Strategies

    September 06, 2019

    At the first Global Sustainability Forum, held in March 2019, an international delegation of people from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities produced five strategies for boosting the Sustainability Development Goals, or SDGs.

  • UNHCHR Criticizes U.S. Policy on Migrant Child and Family Detentions

    September 06, 2019

    UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has voiced concern over the Trump Administration's policy to allow migrant children and their families to be detained for extended periods beyond those permitted by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • WHO Director-General to Call for Adoption of Universal Health Coverage

    September 04, 2019

    At the upcoming High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage at the UN General Assembly, World Health Organization Director-General Ghebreyesus will call on the participating Member States to make the political choice for universal health coverage.

  • NGOs Promote "Cyber Peace"

    September 04, 2019

    As digital conflict and military action are increasingly intertwined and civilian targets are vulnerable to the crossfire, dozens of countries and hundreds of firms and nonprofits are working toward cybersecurity for all, or "cyber peace."

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