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  • Sweden Increases Defense Spending in Face of "Russian Aggression"

    November 09, 2020

    According to Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist,  “Russian aggression" has destabilized the region, leading to the highest surge in Sweden's defense spending since the 1950s: a $3 billion injection that will raise troop levels from 60,000 to 90,000 by 2025.

  • The U.S. Officially Exits Paris Climate Accord

    November 04, 2020

    Following through on a 2017 promise made by President Donald Trump, the United States has formally exited the Paris Agreement, making the U.S. the only country of 197 signatories to have withdrawn from the 2015 agreement.

  • The Federalist: Dreher’s Live Not By Lies Warns Of The New Totalitarianism

    November 03, 2020

    In his latest book, Live Not by Lies, Rod Dreher warns that Western liberal democracies are living in a post-Christian society and are swiftly sliding down a slippery slope into a “soft totalitarianism” by which “data harvesting and manipulation can and will be used by woke capitalists and social justice ideologues in institutional authority to impose control.”

  • Stanley Kurtz: Trump Establishes 1776 Commission

    November 03, 2020

    Writing in National Review Online, Stanley Kurtz supports President Trump's signing of an “Executive Order Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission” which focuses efforts to foster patriotic education and calls on local communities to reassert control over the curriculum.

  • Kramp-Karrenbauer: Europe still Needs the U.S.

    November 03, 2020

    Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Germany’s defense minister, writes in Politico that no matter who wins the U.S. Presidential election, there is a strategic need for strong transatlantic cooperation for both Europe and the United States of America to defend western values, keep peace and defend liberty.

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