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  • EU Strategy Document Prioritizes Border Security

    June 11, 2019

    EurActiv reports that, according to a draft strategic agenda for the years 2019 through 2024 produced by the EU institutions, EU and national leaders respond to growing concerns about the impacts of migration on the bloc by prioritizing border security and finding a path toward a common internal migration and asylum policy.

  • UK, South Korea Agree to Post-Brexit Free Trade

    June 10, 2019

    The BBC reports that, in another instance of UK government action to soften the economic impact of Brexit, British authorities have signed an outline deal with South Korea to continue free trade between the two countries after the UK withdraws from the EU.

  • EU Agency Warns of Increase in “Harassment” and “Inequalities”

    June 06, 2019

    In its 2019 Fundamental Rights Report, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights warns of growing “inequalities, harassment, and prejudices” across the bloc and calls for “robust responses,” including national action plans, to discrimination, harassment, and hate speech.

  • EC Threatens Italy with Penalties over Budget Deficit

    June 05, 2019

    The European Commission (EC) has sent a letter to the Italian government threatening a financial penalty if national officials cannot justify their failure to limit the country’s budget deficit to a level in line with EU standards.

  • EU Agency Calls for Bolstered National Plastic Waste Policies

    June 05, 2019

    The European Environment Agency has published a report calling on EU member states to develop “clear and coherent” plastic waste prevention targets, explore bans on more plastic products, and consider deals with industry to reduce plastic pollution.

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