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  • Utah Supreme Court Decision May Inform Debate in Poland over Limits on Judicial Expression

    December 31, 2019

    Upcoming debates over Polish government efforts to punish judges for speaking out about a new judicial appointment process may be informed by a recent Utah Supreme Court decision upholding the disciplining of a judge for publicly commenting about President Donald Trump's policies on social and political issues.

  • Inazu: Right to Peaceful Assembly Is Under-appreciated

    December 30, 2019

    According to Washington University (St. Louis) Professor of Law and Religion, John Inazu, American political and cultural leaders too readily ignore the right of citizens to peacefully assemble, also a subject of recent debate among European law and policy analysts.

  • EU Expands Frontex Responsibilities

    December 30, 2019

    Raising national sovereignty concerns, according to a recent press release, Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, is gaining new responsibilities and tools to more effectively support EU Member States in managing their external borders.

  • Espinoza-Pedraza: Centrists Should Acknowledge Validity of Some Populist Agenda Items

    December 30, 2019

    Writing about populism in Modern Diplomacy, Lisdey Espinoza Pedraza encourages centrists to distance themselves from their ideological preferences and acknowledge that there might be some degree of validity on what populists have put on the agenda rather than fully disregard them as a non-viable option.

  • US Security Chief Warns UK against Huawei

    December 30, 2019

    According to U.S. national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, giving the Chinese equipment supplier Huawei access to the U.K.'s 5G network would pose a risk to British intelligence serves.

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