Global Islamist Organization Has Observer Status in Philippines Peace Negotiations with Moro Secessionist Group

April 16, 2014

The Organization for Islamic Cooperation ("OIC"), the 57 member-state pan-Islamic organization, has been approved by the Philippine government ("GPH") and Moro Islamic Liberation Front ("MILF") and Moro National Liberation Front ("MNLF") to have official observer status in the current peace negotiations aiming to end the ongoing armed struggle for secession by the two guerrilla groups.

OIC Chief Meets with Arab Groups to Discuss Cooperation

April 16, 2014

The Secretary General of the 57-member-state Organization of Islamic Cooperation ("OIC") met at the 25th Arab Summit with leading Arab groups to explore expanded, regularized cooperation on "issues of common concern."

Istanbul Process Weakens with OIC Support for Regional Blasphemy Laws

April 9, 2014

The "Istanbul Process," the diplomatic initiative launched by the U.S. in an effort to reach consensus with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ("OIC") on acceptable limitations on free speech in order to combat religious intolerance, has been further weakened by recent OIC support for regional defamation of religions laws, such as those passed by the League of Arab States, that corrode speech freedoms.

UN Chief Meets with OIC Representative on Israeli Temple Mount Action

April 2, 2014

The Secretary General of the UN met yesterday with the Chair of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ("OIC") and other UN groups regarding their concerns about Israel's recent actions at the holy site of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Iran and Qatar Collaborate in Reconfiguration of Islamist Blocs

March 26, 2014

A recent visit to Doha by the leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad signals Qatar's continuing leadership, in cooperation with Iran, in the reconfiguration of an alliance of countries that self-identify as the Islamist "resistance and resilience bloc."

OIC Chief Looks to Enhance Cooperation with Egyptian Government

March 26, 2014

The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ("OIC") traveled recently to Egypt to meet with the country's Foreign Minister to discuss upgraded cooperation on conflict resolution activities and global assistance to Muslims in conflict zones.

Schaefer Calls for Scrutiny of Obama International Affairs Budget

March 26, 2014

Brett Schaefer of the Heritage Foundation writes that the U.S. Congress should review closely the Obama Administration's proposed international affairs budget and, among other items, work toward limiting excessive spending on UN activities and maintain U.S. influence over International Monetary Fund ("IMF") operations.

UAE Conference on Islam and Peace Calls for Wise Men Council to Counter Violent Extremism

March 26, 2014

At the recent Forum for Promoting Peace in Islamic Societies, a group of 250 leading Muslim scholars discussed issues of humanitarianism, jihad and fatwas, and peacemaking, and recommended the creation of a Muslim Wise Men Council to develop ideas for countering violent extremism in Muslim-majority countries.

OSCE Passes Resolution Sending Monitors to Ukraine

March 26, 2014

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe ("OSCE") has adopted by consensus a measure establishing a six-month monitoring mission for OSCE observers in Ukraine, though Russia denies that the resolution permits OSCE access to the Crimean peninsula.

Islamist Think Tank Calls on OIC to Lead Global Islamic Renaissance

March 26, 2014

According to the Muslim Institute, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ("OIC") needs to intensify its activities for promoting and defending a unified global Muslim community modeled on the European Union, in order to catalyze a worldwide Islamic Renaissance.

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