Letts: UK Leaders Must Respect Vote for Sovereignty

July 01, 2016

Quentin Letts of The Daily Mail writes that the vote for Brexit was UK citizens' rebellion against their leaders in asserting the national sovereignty which British officials had declined to protect.

Iran Files ICJ Claim on US Anti-Terror Measures

June 22, 2016

The UN's International Court of Justice has announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran has launched proceedings against the US for alleged violations of US treaty obligations by subjecting the assets of Iran and its entities to judicial proceedings due to Iran's support for international terrorism.

IBA Adopts "Practical" BHR Guidance for Attorneys

June 17, 2016

The International Bar Association Council has adopted "practical" guidance for corporate lawyers around the world on how they should advise their clients in light of the legal and other impacts of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

UK, EU Face Key Decisions Following Brexit Vote

June 24, 2016

Following the UK vote to leave the EU, Open Europe's Raoul Ruparel writes that it is time for "careful thought" as the UK and EU face an array of key decisions in the coming months, including on the timing of the UK's formal notice to exit and the characteristics of the partners' future relations.


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  • Ryan Calls for US-UK Trade Deal

    July 01, 2016

    Speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan has called for leaders to initiate talks on a trade deal between the US and the UK to take effect soon after the conclusion of negotiations between Britain and the EU that will result in the UK's departure from the bloc.

  • Bolton: Brexit Is Revolt Against Global Governance

    July 01, 2016

    Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton writes that the UK's vote to leave the EU signals the increasing unhappiness among citizens with the formation of their laws through global governance by distant international and supranational elites.

  • UNESCO Analyzes Governance of Culture

    July 01, 2016

    A report recently released by UNESCO at the European Parliament sets out recommendations on the governance of "cultural expressions" and analyzes how culture interacts with the UN's "sustainable development" agenda.

  • NGO Pushes UN Clampdown on Aviation Emissions

    July 01, 2016

    Katherine Watts of Carbon Market Watch writes that the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization must provide for stricter limits on greenhouse gas emissions from the airline industry in order to permit countries to reach their emissions targets under the UN climate deal agreed in Paris last year.

  • UN Report Targets Brazil on BHR

    July 01, 2016

    The UN Working Group on business and human rights issues recently presented a report to the UN Human Rights Council warning of problems in Brazil on BHR issues, including "improper corporate lobbying and political financing," and calling for the country to develop a national BHR action plan.

  • UN Agent Prepares Corporate Digital Standards

    July 01, 2016

    UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, has announced his development of human rights standards for businesses in the digital age, including demands from governments to regulate and censor content and growing calls to delete "hate speech" from social media platforms.

  • Academic: Brexit Shows Power of "Left-Behind"

    July 01, 2016

    Professor Matthew Goodwin of the University of Kent writes that, rather than focus on personalities dominating the campaign for the UK to leave the EU, observers should seek to understand the cultivation of euroskeptic views among British blue collar workers and the "left-behind" as an explanation for Brexit.

  • Farage Warns of Brexiter "Backslide" on Migration

    July 01, 2016

    Leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage has warned that some leaders of the "Brexit" campaign set to take new posts in the British Government may, in his view, defy the decision of the voters to oppose "free movement" by negotiating continued open borders with the EU.

  • Brexit Campaigners: UK Must End "Free Movement"

    July 01, 2016

    Multiple leaders of the campaign for the UK to leave the EU have asserted that an end to the application in Britain of the EU principle of free movement is a "red line" that the country's new leadership must respect in the negotiations over Brexit.

  • Taliban Message NATO with Afghanistan Suicide Attack

    July 01, 2016

    Security experts have widely interpreted the Taliban's lethal suicide attack in Kabul against a bus carrying newly graduated Afghan police cadets as a warning from the Islamists that they will continue their war on the country's NATO-supported government in order to make Afghanistan a sharia state.

  • Istanbul Attack Reflects Islamist Globalization

    July 01, 2016

    The three radical Islamist suspects in the terrorist attacks at the Istanbul airport identified by the Turkish government - a Chechen, an Uzbek, and a Kyrgyz - reflect the globalization of jihadi sharia networks supporting the creation of a worldwide caliphate.

  • UK Police Arrest Man for "Rightwing" Posts

    July 01, 2016

    British authorities have announced that they have arrested a man on suspicion of inciting racial hatred for posting "extreme rightwing, Islamophobic and antisemitic" material on social media.