Corporate Citizenship

NGO Seeks to Identify "Responsible" Corporate Tax Behavior

March 19, 2014

The nongovernmental organization ("NGO") Fair Tax Mark is pressuring businesses to publish and explain their tax payments in order to allow observers to identify whether they are fulfilling their duties of corporate social responsibility by paying sufficient taxes.

Roundtable Focuses on Transforming Capitalism to Promote Sustainability

March 12, 2014

The Guardian reports on a recent meeting in which representatives from business and civil society discussed how to promote new rules for the world financial system in order to transform the capitalist economy and encourage businesses to make decisions based on sustainability.

UN Presses Companies to Become "Gender-Aware"

March 12, 2014

The UN Global Compact and UN Women have launched the "Women's Empowerment Principles," which set out steps for companies to follow to become more "gender-aware" in their operations and supply chains, monitor pay and promotion practices, and tackle unconscious anti-woman bias.

EU Issues Proposal for "Self-Certification" on Conflict Minerals

March 12, 2014

As nongovernmental organizations push the EU to adopt a mandatory reporting regime for businesses on the importation of certain minerals from conflict areas, the European Commission has opted instead to propose a "self-certification" regime that would bind importing companies who opt to join the initiative.

NGO Reports on Human Rights Conduct of ICT Companies

March 12, 2014

The nongovernmental organization ("NGO") the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre has released a report on allegations of human rights violations against information and communications technology ("ICT") companies, pressing these businesses to respond to complaints on a broad range of issues.

Shift Calls for Mandatory Reporting on Conflict Minerals

March 12, 2014

John Ruggie of the nongovernmental organization Shift has published a letter to the European Commission calling for the EU to amend its proposal dealing with minerals mined in war-torn environments to require, rather than encourage, business reporting of the use of these minerals in their supply chains.

UN Working Group Favors Establishing Global Fund for BHR

March 12, 2014

The UN Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises favors the establishment of a global fund to be used to support governments, businesses, and civil society in implementing international business and human rights ("BHR") principles.

L4BB Calls for International BHR Arbitration Tribunal

March 10, 2014

Lawyers for Better Business ("L4BB") is seeking comments on its proposal for an international tribunal, unaffiliated with any government, dealing with alleged violations of business and human rights ("BHR") principles by transnational corporations and, in some cases, awarding compensation.

NGOs Express Disappointment over EU Conflict Minerals Proposal

March 10, 2014

EurActiv reports that nongovernmental organizations ("NGOs") campaigning for business and human rights principles are disappointed over a draft EU law on the use of conflict minerals produced in war-torn African areas because it falls short of the mandates they were seeking on businesses operating in the EU.

UN Pushes Businesses to Enhance Opportunities for Women

March 10, 2014

UN Women is hosting a conference with companies, government officials, and nongovernmental organizations seeking to pressure businesses to adopt strategies that it says will increase the opportunities of women in the workplace and to help them obtain "decent jobs."

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