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  • Brussels: Gas payments in Rubles May Breach Sanctions

    April 20, 2022

    A decree signed by President Vladimir Putin that allows foreign buyers of gas, including the EU to pay in rubles which may cause a breach in sanctions leaving EU countries in a predicament potentially having to choose between defying their sanctions or a sudden stop to their gas supply.

  • Politico: Nerves for EU and NATO as Le Pen Faces Macron In French Vote

    April 13, 2022

    The European Union and NATO are watching with interest as France heads to the voting booths in two weeks to decide if President Macron will be re-elected or Marine Le Pen, whose potential win will impact the current plans of each entity.

  • Orban Declares Hungary is Ready to Pay for Russian Gas in Roubles

    April 08, 2022

    Breaking ranks with the European Union, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared that Hungary is prepared to pay roubles for Russian gas following President Putin’s warning that he will cut gas supplies to Europe unless payments are made in the Russian currency.

  • Links between Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights at the Heart of Event in Rome

    April 06, 2022

    The impact of Artificial Intelligence on human rights, democracy and the Rule of Law took center stage at a recent, high-level event co-organised by the Italian Presidency of the Committee of Ministers and the Council of Europe, at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome.

  • EU Launches Process to Slash Hungary‚Äôs Funds Over Accusations of Rule-of-Law Breaches

    April 06, 2022

    Just two days after the re-election of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to his fourth consecutive term, the European Commission announced it will trigger a powerful new mechanism to cut funding to Hungary who is accused of eroding the bloc’s rule-of-law standards.

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