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  • EU Advances Measures on Terrorism, Firearms

    December 16, 2015

    The European Commission has announced a package of measures that expand criminal sanctions on terrorism-related conduct, such as terrorist training and traveling abroad for terrorist purposes, and that seek to coordinate efforts toward firearms control, including information exchanges among countries on firearms and strengthened border controls.

  • EU Drops Case Against Investment Banks

    December 16, 2015

    The European Commission has announced that it is dropping charges against 13 investment banks following an antitrust investigation into the firms' activities in the market for credit-default swaps that failed to disclose evidence of the Commission's concerns of illegality.

  • UK May Face Added Cost in ECJ Expansion

    December 15, 2015

    The Daily Mail reports that the doubling of the number of judges on the Court of Justice of the EU ("ECJ"), which the UK attempted to block as "disproportionate" to the ECJ's needs, may require added funding from Britain over the course of the four-year expansion process.

  • EU Considers Greater Authority on Border Control

    December 14, 2015

    Reuters reports that EU and national officials are considering new measures that would strengthen the bloc's external border security agency, called Frontex, including a proposal that could permit a majority of EU members to force a country to accept assistance from Frontex in securing that country's borders.

  • Denmark Voters Reject EU Criminal Justice Rules

    December 14, 2015

    In a recent referendum, Danish voters rejected an "opt-in" to a set of EU home affairs and criminal justice measures proposed by the country's government.

  • Hungary Files Suit Against EU on Refugee Quota

    December 09, 2015

    The Government of Hungary has announced that it is filing a complaint at the Court of Justice of the EU challenging the EU's establishment of quotas requiring each country to accept a certain proportion of 120,000 asylum seekers in the bloc.

  • EU Officials Consider Establishing "European FBI"

    December 08, 2015

    POLITICO reports that calls from national and EU leaders to transform the European intelligence agency Europol into a full-fledged law enforcement agency in charge of aggregating intelligence on suspected terrorists, like the US Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"), has received push-back from some legislators and government officials.

  • EU Investigates Alleged Tax Breaks for McDonald's

    December 07, 2015

    POLITICO reports that as the European Commission opens an investigation of a ruling in Luxembourg that allegedly exempted a McDonald's subsidiary from paying taxes, activists argue that this and other rulings highlight a need for "a fundamental review of the tax system" in the European Union.

  • Belgium Seeks "European CIA"

    December 03, 2015

    AFP reports that following the Paris terror attacks, Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel and European Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos have called for a pan-European equivalent to the US Central Intelligence Agency ("CIA") to put together information on radicals and, in the words of Michel, "unmask those with hostile intentions."

  • Denmark Holds Vote on EU Justice Measures

    December 02, 2015

    The Telegraph reports that Denmark is holding a referendum in early December on whether to opt-in to a set of EU justice and security measures, including in police cooperation and debt recovery across national borders, from which it currently opts out.

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