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  • Schneider: China's Dominance Over 5G Has Profound National Security Implications

    September 06, 2019

    In a new paper, Hudson Institute's, William Schneider, Jr., explains how China's dominance over the 5G communications system will produce national security-sensitive intelligence relating to the large and growing faction of the world's day-to-day life of individuals, objects, and institutions that will be stored with an electronic footprint.

  • UNDP Pursues SDG Impact Practice Standards for Private Equity Funds

    September 06, 2019

    The United Nations Development Programme has released a draft SDG Impact Practice Standards for Private Equity Funds, a set of standards developed by SDG Impact to guide private fund managers toward investments that advance the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs.

  • Economist Encourages Multilateral Solution to Taxation of Digital Services

    September 04, 2019

    In a commentary on the shortcomings of France's Digital Services Tax ("DST") on large tech companies, economist Joyce Beebe urges the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ("OECD") to "generate a solution that is less distortionary and prevents the unilateral measures from expanding."

  • NSF Awards Seek to Combine STEM with UN Development Goals

    September 03, 2019

    The National Science Foundation (“NSF”) has awarded a grant to Wittenberg University and other colleges to create a Science Technology Engineering and Math (“STEM”) Business curriculum featuring the UN Sustainable Development goals, resulting in a curriculum “that seeks to co-address poverty, equity issues, and environmental challenges, while supporting a thriving economy.”

  • Nevins: CEOs Should Assume Responsibility for Responsible Business Practices

    August 29, 2019

    In light of the Business Roundtable's new definition of the purpose of a company, Mark Nevins warns against a move toward the politics and policies of "collective capitalism," instead calling upon CEOs "to ensure that profitability is achieved in a good, responsible, accountable, and ethical manner and with the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders."

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