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  • Big Corporations Lobby for a New EU Legal Regime

    June 28, 2021

    Researchers at Corporate Europe Observatory have discovered a report that reveals how banks, lobby groups, corporate lawyers and lobby consultancies are pushing for a new legal regime that would enable industry to bypass national courts when settling disputes with EU member states.

  • G7 Deal Targets Tax Havens and Tech Giants

    June 07, 2021

    During a two day meeting in London, G7 finance ministers reached a landmark deal to obtain more money from multinational companies such as Amazon and Google, including a minimum global corporate tax rate of at least 15%.

  • Court Gives Green light to Irish Regulator with FB Data Flow Inquiry

    May 17, 2021

    Despite Facebook’s request to block an inquiry potentially halting Facebook's data flows from the European Union to the United States, Ireland's High Court has allowed the Irish regulator to proceed with the inquiry.

  • Business & Human Rights Resource Centre: New Promoting Mandatory Due Diligence Site

    April 19, 2021

    As the momentum grows worldwide among governments to require companies to undertake human rights due diligence, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre has established a portal for promoting mandatory due diligence.

  • Facebook Announces New Corporate Human Rights Policy

    April 14, 2021

    Facebook has announced a new corporate human rights policy, covering all of the social network and a fund to support human rights defenders that will strive to respect human rights as defined in international law, including the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).

  • Facebook Sets New Corporate Human Rights Policy

    March 23, 2021

    Facebook has enacted a corporate human rights policy and will begin reporting critical human rights issues, such as risks to freedom of expression, to its board of directors, and will release an annual public report detailing how it is addressing human rights concerns stemming from its business practices, policies or products.

  • Bigman: Stakeholder Capitalism’s Forgotten Stakeholder

    March 12, 2021

    Dan Bigman writes in chiefexecutive.net that as companies increasingly embrace ESG, the push for improving environmental, social and governance practices on the road to Stakeholder Capitalism, CEO’s and boards should remember to pitch in and help their smaller, privately held suppliers who are often left behind in the push for improvement.

  • MEPs Support Requiring Firms to Comply with ESG Standards

    March 08, 2021

    The EU Parliament’s legislative initiative on ‘Due Diligence and Corporate Accountability’ will be put to a vote and if passed will require companies to identify and remedy risks to human rights, health, the environment arising from their activities throughout their supply chain.

  • Google will Stop Tracking to Sell Ads

    March 08, 2021

    As consumers increasingly call for more privacy online, Google, in a move that will change the digital advertising industry, will stop selling ads based on a person's individual browsing across websites. 

  • CSPI Study: Academic Freedom in Crisis

    March 03, 2021

    The Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology (CSPI) published a study by Eric Kaufmann whose findings highlight that academic freedom is in danger, with certain groups within academia facing punishment, political discrimination, and self-censorship for their political leanings.

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