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  • The Standard: Social Media has Become a Powerful Tool for Manipulation

    September 21, 2020

    According to Judah Ben-Hur writing in The Standard, social media has not only become a tool for surveillance, information collection, and financial gain but has also evolved into a powerful force that has transformed the fabric of societies and how people have come to relate to the world and those around them.

  • Business Insider: The EU may Force Facebook to Stop Transatlantic Data Transfers

    September 14, 2020

    According to Ireland's Data Protection Commission, Facebook's main mechanism to transfer data from the EU to the US may conflict with EU privacy laws, raising concerns that EU citizens privacy rights would not be respected.

  • Guardian: Poisoning of Russian Opponent Navalny May Halt Nord Stream 2 Project

    September 08, 2020

    The future of the largely contested baltic pipeline, Nord Stream 2, may be in limbo, as political rivals, allies and numerous countries, including the United States, are calling on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to end the the nearly completed project between Germany and Russia after the recent poisoning of Russian opposition leader Navalny.

  • Reuters: CDC Announces Potential Distribution of Covid Vaccine in October

    September 07, 2020

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has begun preparing the distribution of a potential coronavirus vaccine to high-risk groups as soon as late October.

  • Morrison: Competition Needed in ESG Consultancy Market

    September 07, 2020

    Writing in National Review Online, Richard Morrison explains why, as consulting firms engaged in advising for-profit companies about how to comply with environmental, social and governance ("ESG") standards do so from a progressive perspective, there is a need to encourage more free-market conservative ESG consultants to develop competing standards and enter the field.

  • China AI Export Restrictions May Sideline Sale of TikTok to U.S. Buyers

    September 02, 2020

    New Chinese Government restrictions on the export of artificial intelligence algorithm technologies, including TikTok's "personalized content recommendation" tool, are raising doubts about the completion of a sale Company's U.S. operations.

  • MSN: Facebook Accused of Attempting to Undermine Online Regulation Efforts

    August 26, 2020

    United Kingdom transparency advocates are accusing Facebook of hiring a team of lobbyists to fight recent government attempts to improve the monitoring and regulation of online speech, including former government officials who worked on policies relating to the oversight and taxation of online technology platforms.

  • TikTok Removes 380,000 Videos in US for Violating Hate Speech Policy

    August 24, 2020

    Since the beginning of 2020, in keeping with the company's hate speech policy focusing on the removal of speech considered to be race-based harassment or promoting hate group organization, TikTok has removed 380,000 videos and banned 1,300 accounts.

  • China's National Security Law Impacts American University Classrooms

    August 24, 2020

    In order to warn and protect non-U.S. Chinese students subject to China's new National Security Law prosecuting citizens for sedition or collusion with a foreign power, several American Universities, like Harvard and Yale, have added warnings to course materials that Chinese government may consider to be politically sensitive. 

  • Facebook Pulls Millions of Posts in Hate Speech Purge

    August 18, 2020

    After several prominent companies suspended advertising on Facebook in a new "Stop Hate for Profit" campaign, Facebook has pulled 22.5 million posts it classified as hate speech between April and June as per the latest findings published in its transparency report.

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