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  • CIGI Seeks Global Governance of Financial Institutions

    February 11, 2015

    The Centre for International Governance Innovation ("CIGI") has published a paper seeking the completion of the global governance regime proposed by the G20 to regulate international financial institutions in order to resolve the "too big to fail" problem at the global level.

  • OSCE Group Calls for Closure of Guantanamo Facility

    February 04, 2015

    A delegation from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe's ("OSCE") Parliamentary Assembly has called on the U.S. to close its Guantanamo Bay detention center and criticized the lack of access of Guantanamo inmates to elements of a fair trial.

  • Activist Initiative Seeks Local "Ratification" of CEDAW Treaty

    February 04, 2015

    The "Cities for CEDAW" initiative is seeking to bypass ratification of the Convention to Ellminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women ("CEDAW") in the U.S. Senate by securing adoption of the treaty's principles by local governments around the country.

  • UN Pushes "Human Right" to Sex Education

    February 04, 2015

    The UN Population Fund has published a document guiding the agency's officials regarding how best to promote "comprehensive sexuality education" as a human right among young people around the world.

  • UN Organizes Second "Global Citizenship Education" Forum

    January 28, 2015

    The UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization ("UNESCO") is organizing a Second Forum on Global Citizenship Education in order to place pressure on countries around the world to promote its human rights and environmental agenda in their education systems.

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