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  • EU Considers Rejection of French Budget

    October 08, 2014

    The Telegraph reports that, for the first time, the EU may use its new authority to police national budgets by forcing France to revise its 2015 budget plan due to the country's minimal projected spending cuts.

  • Telegraph Praises Tory Plan for Human Rights Reform

    October 08, 2014

    An editorial in The Telegraph applauds U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative Government for plans to replace the country's Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities in response to the transformation of the European Convention on Human Rights "into a weapon of judicial activism."

  • U.K. Conservatives Announce Plans for Bill of Rights

    October 03, 2014

    The British Conservative Party has released a strategy document outlining how, by repealing the U.K. Human Rights Act and replacing it with a British Bill of Rights, the party would restore sovereignty to the U.K. Parliament and supremacy to the U.K. Supreme Court.

  • Lord Judge: ECHR Cannot Override Parliamentary Supremacy

    October 02, 2014

    Recently retired Lord Chief Justice Judge writes that "it would be a negation of the democratic process" if the European Court of Human Rights ("ECHR"), as a group of unelected judges, had authority to override British sovereignty by binding the U.K. Parliament to act.

  • Report Finds Financial Benefit from U.K. Exit from EU

    October 01, 2014

    A report from the U.S.-based Heritage Foundation finds that a British exit from the EU and signing of a trade deal with the U.S. would boost the U.K. economy by £10 billion.

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