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  • EU Adds to Recommendations on Polish Conflict

    January 04, 2017

    European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans has announced that he will give the Polish government additional time to improve the country's "rule of law" situation, created by a conflict between the government and the country's Constitutional Tribunal, as the Commission delivers more recommendations on how to resolve the national dispute.

  • EU Deal Restricts Access to Firearms

    January 04, 2017

    Reuters reports that a deal recently agreed among the EU institutions will restrict access of Europeans to high-caliber firearms and will seek to facilitate the tracking of guns to prevent their entry into the black market.

  • EU Official Seeks New Action on Polish Court Conflict

    December 30, 2016

    European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans has pledged renewed action regarding recent policies from the Polish government on the country's Constitutional Tribunal that he says "threaten to deepen the rule of law crisis in Poland."

  • EU Court Outlaws Mass Data Retention Policies

    December 28, 2016

    Reuters reports that the Court of Justice of the EU has held that government rules requiring private companies to retain traffic and location data en masse to assist with law enforcement and counter-terrorism investigations violate EU privacy laws.

  • Apple Challenges EU Tax Demand in Court

    December 21, 2016

    In an appeal to the General Court of the EU over the European Commission's demand that Apple pay €13 billion in back taxes to the government of Ireland, the tech company and the Irish government asserted that the Commission had failed to act impartially and had violated "member state sovereignty in the area of direct taxation."

  • EU Takes France to Court over Bird Protection

    December 21, 2016

    The European Commission has filed a complaint against France in the Court of Justice of the EU for failing to adequately enforce an EU directive prohibiting the killing or capture of certain wild birds.

  • Denmark Strikes Deal with EU on Europol

    December 16, 2016

    EUobserver reports that, despite the result of a 2015 referendum in which Danish citizens voted to opt out of various EU justice and home affairs policy, Denmark's government and EU officials have negotiated a "back door" deal through which Denmark will continue to participate in the EU law enforcement agency Europol.

  • NGO Project Seeks EU "Ethnic Profiling" Standards

    December 15, 2016

    A group of "anti-racism" bodies, including the Open Society Justice Initiative, is calling for the EU institutions to set Europe-wide standards "to promote fair and effective policing" by preventing police from engaging in "ethnic profiling" in stopping people for searches and identity checks.

  • EU Bodies Agree to Comprehensive Border Checks

    December 15, 2016

    The European Parliament and Council of the EU have agreed to legislation requiring EU member states to run the information of all travelers crossing the bloc's external borders, including citizens of EU countries, through a law enforcement database called the Schengen Information System.

  • Committee Backs EU Terror Framework

    December 14, 2016

    The European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee has voted to support a deal among the EU institutions on comprehensive legislation criminalizing the preparation of terrorist acts in EU member states, including a clause demanded by the EU Parliament emphasizing that authorities must respect fundamental rights and freedoms.

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